TPU Elastomer

  • Casting Polyurethane Elastomer Product

    Casting Polyurethane Elastomer Product

    Polyurethane Prepolymer : 1. Polyester – MOCA – TDI 80 2.  Polyester - MOCA - TDI 100 3.  PPG - MOCA - TDI 4.  PTMG/PTMEG - MOCA - TDI

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  • Thermoplastic Elastomer polyurethane for Tool Handle

    Thermoplastic Elastomer polyurethane for Tool Handle

    The wear resistance of polyurethane elastomer is superior to other rubber, compared with steel under dry friction conditions, the volume loss of its 6 to 7 times higher than steel,However, if...

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  • Linear Polyurethane Elastomer

    Linear Polyurethane Elastomer

    Product Description Clean polyurethane sheet There are 4 types of our Polyurethane Elastomer Products . Hardness range of polyurethane PU Application Specific Polyurethane Formulation for: •...

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  • PU Rubber

    PU Rubber

    Product Description Casting polyurethane Key Specifications/Special Features: ● Good abrasion resistance, 3 to 5 times than ordinary rubber ● Wide hardness ● Good resistance to high pressure,...

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  • Polyurethane Rubber Sheet

    Polyurethane Rubber Sheet

    PU Polyurethane Rubber Sheet and PU Board hardness 50 shore A~95 shore A Advantage: 1.Abrasion resistance:3~5 times than ordinary rubber. 2.Oil proof,Corrosion preventive,Solvent,High temperature...

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  • Polyurethane Elastomer Bar

    Polyurethane Elastomer Bar

    Polyurethane elastomer PU part details: Charactoristics: ● Good wear resistance ● High tensile strength ● Anti-static ● High load capacity ● High-temperature resistant ● Excellent dynamic...

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